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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

I've Got Wood.

There are a couple sellers on Yahoo Japan Auctions who tend to list player lots. I don't know what inspires them to do this so often; I'm sure making actual sets is impossible with whatever inventory they have, but perhaps the cards come from card shops clearing out their old stock. I've bought a few of these lots in the last few years, most notably grabbing a Ken Griffey Jr. lot with some seemingly overlooked rarer inserts I needed.

The Kerry Wood lot below had a couple welcome surprises, too. All the cards - almost five dozen - are pictured below without much commentary, until the end. So, until you reach the bottom, enjoy the gallery.

As you may have noticed there are a couple parallels and variations above. And there are a couple duplicates, too. The oddest cards in this lot are the puzzle crotch card (I don't think that's Kerry Wood) at the top of this post, and the duplicate Devil Rays checklist cards which don't mention Wood anywhere. The cards above don't really have a place in my collection, so I'm not sure what I'm going to actually do with them.
These two cards, however, might be somewhat unfamiliar to most readers. If you paid enough attention to one of my recent posts, you might recognize the Yankees card as being from the Kanebo MLB Gum/pin set. The All-Star Game card also came from that release, so this lot put me two cards closer to building that set.
And speaking of Kanebo, this 2003 (2nd Series) Topps Kanebo MLB Gum card was also in the lot. I wouldn't have realized if I hadn't flipped it over.

But three little cards weren't worth the price of the lot. This card made me pull the trigger:
This patch is pretty, even if it is relatively high-numbered for a patch. And it is a great addition to my type collection.

Maybe I'll cover a table with all those other Kerry Wood cards. Then it would be a Wood-top table.
Maybe it's time for bed for me, huh?